A smart integrated on-the-sea
living space platform

OceanX is a green venture series on the development of on-the-sea living space platforms that integrates sustainable housing, green transport and renewable energy solutions and provides shared functions across development, investment and management of these platforms against the negative impact of the sea level rise, storms and flood.

Area of Development

Green Mobility

Cargo and passenger offshore transport with clean-fuel vehicles

Sustainable Housing

Private and shared floating houses Serviced private and shared islands

Renewable Energy

Solar, offshore and onshore wind energy Hydrogen and ocean energy

Development Projects

OceanX sandbox series
in Southeast Asia

Ocean X Sandbox Series in Southeast Asia is an initiative to create an AI-based offshore green transport living lab of the world.

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OpenX AI

This is a virtual management software that allows for secure automated operations, monitoring commercial transport traffic (manned and unmanned), weather, and other sensor data. It is the brain of an AI-powered Operation Control center that manages, commands and controls all demand-supply transport activities within transport spaces.

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We're passionate about working with partners around the world who dedicate to innovative solutions against the negative impact of the sea level rise, storms and flood