OceanX Fund 1

AI-based green offshore-transport technologies

OceanX fund is a series of late stage venture capital and early growth private equity investment funds that focus on AI-based offshore green transport technologies and solutions against the negative impact of global climate change. The funds will raise third-party capital from investors who are committed to achieving a net zero world while also seeking to obtain long-term sustainable financial returns.

This is an initiative to create a new funding and investment model to support the development of OceanX that combines funding, R&D, small production scale of new offshore green transport technologies, products and solutions as well as their commercialization.

OceanX Fund 1 is the first fund that focuses on clean fueled vehicle technologies and their infrastructures used in OceanX sandbox series in Southeast Asia.

Supporting a full-stack AI-based green offshore transport technology ecosystem

We believe the global transition to a green, digital and autonomous economy, realizing the next generation of the offshore transportation ecosystems, requires innovation across a 'full stack' of technologies


Different clean fueled vehicle technologies in offshore transportation are invested and supported. Typical vehicles include cargo UAV, seagliders, methanol ships, solar barges.



Including floating river ports and seaports with integration of vertiports used for UAVs, AI-powered warehouses and more are supported.



Different applications in offshore transportation are invested. Whether they are cargo drone delivery apps, vertiport operation platforms, or AI OpenX powering the command-control centers of OceanX sandbox, applications enabling comprehensive interaction among machines and humans in the next-generation offshore transportation ecosystem.


We believe

Market leadership requires deep courage - from founders and the investors that back them

The cycle of advanced technologies spanning from funding to public pilot should be shorten